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Conceited Marketing elevates your brand to new heights. Our expert email campaigns command attention, ensuring your dispensary or CBD brand doesn't just enter but rules the consumer inbox. Join us for unparalleled email mastery in the cannabis industry.

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      Results that make you clap for your damn self.

      It’s okay to be a little conceited when it comes to your business. We’re an agency built to empower you with the confidence to achieve the growth you’ve been searching for.

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      Tailored Tactics for Top-Shelf Brands

      Our Email and SMS Marketing Services are specially cultivated for cannabis and CBD companies. Discover our bespoke solutions that resonate with your unique audience. From personalized campaigns to seamless migrations and custom API integrations, we ensure your digital growth is as organic as your products. Learn more about how we can help your brand flourish in a competitive marketplace.

      Grow Your Audience: Craft emails that reflect your brand’s unique essence. Engage and educate with content that speaks directly to the cannabis connoisseur, driving both loyalty and sales.

      Texts That Transcend: Send SMS messages that connect and convert. Our targeted texts deliver the right deals to the right audience at the right time, promoting immediate action and lasting engagement.

      Tech That Transforms: Upgrade your tech effortlessly. Our migration and API expertise ensure your systems work together harmoniously, propelling your CBD brand towards streamlined success.

      Cultivate your brand's potential

      Get a bespoke marketing roadmap tailored for the unique landscape of the cannabis industry. Our experts are ready to map out a strategic growth plan that aligns with your dispensary or CBD brand’s vision. Book a consultation to greenlight your growth.

        Elevated praise from our partners

        “Partnering with Brooke and Conceited Marketing has been transformative for our CBD brand. Their proactive approach and mastery of niche marketing platforms ensure that our interests are always the priority. It’s our second collaboration, and we’re continually impressed by the tailored strategies that distinguish our brand in the market.” – Jake, Dispensary Owner


        “We are a mid-sized law firm with a fairly complex CRM that we use for both marketing and important legal client communications. When we came to Conceited Marketing, we were knee deep in issues. We were at the point of cutting our losses and going back to our old system. Conceited Marketing quite literally saved the day. They had brilliant ideas to improve efficiency and re-train our entire team. To boot, it was actually painless! They are creative, reliable, and most of all undaunted. ” 

        – Ellen Fine, Legal Marketing Manager, Miller & Miller Law Firm

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