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Interview With Our Founder: Brooke Chhina

For National Bosses Day this year, we want to take a few moments with our founder, Brooke Chhina, and talk with her about what drives her, what are marketing agency red flags, and “when is the right time to start my business?”  Lemon: You’ve said that your agency name is inspired by the Remy Ma […]

Quick Guide To Holiday Marketing

Intro With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is time to begin making preparations for your holiday marketing plans. Having a thorough plan for how to reach your customers during the holidays and how to increase your sales requires extra planning. This is a high-competition time of year. Many companies invest a large portion of […]

A Marketing Guide for the Cannabis Industry

The world (of cannabis) is changing! As more and more states move to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, the opportunities for the industry continue to grow. The industry reaches new heights each year and we have not reached the ceiling yet. 2020 saw a near 50% growth in cannabis sales from 2019. 2021 is no […]